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Marketing The Property

7 Step Marketing Plan

As a rental business owner, your property is your product and it’s our job to get your product to rent quickly and for the best price possible.

Our 7 step marketing plan ensures that we will get your home rented quickly and minimize any vacancy – saving you money! We work hand in hand with you to give recommendations on updates and improvements you can make to the property to attract the best quality tenants in the shortest amount of time.

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Here’s how we do it

Dedicated Leasing Professional Team

During the leasing process you will work with an assigned leasing professional who is a licensed Realtor and our inside Leasing Specialist. Together, their only goal is to get your property marketed well and get it rented. Many of the functions during this time require being out of the office and at your property checking on it and showing it to prospective tenants and other functions require a lot of time in the office, updating the listing on various websites, answering potential tenant questions and communicating with you. Together our team will ensure that your property shows its best online and in person and they will take it from start to finish to get you a great tenant. And, they will work closely with your Property Manager to keep them in the loop on all activity and move in dates.

Professional Rental Market Analysis

Pricing the home correctly is one of the most important factors in getting it rented fast. When you overprice a home, it can sit on the market and tenants will overlook it for something else providing a better value. And it can end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost rental revenue.

Our Leasing Team starts the process of renting your property with a competitive rental price analysis which combines market data with their professional knowledge of current market conditions to give you the most accurate rental price to get the home rented fast and for the most that the market will bear. We want to be realistic and aggressive at the same time so we can maximize your rental income.

We search our regional multiple listing service for homes that are similar in size, age, features, updates and geographic location. Then we dig in and look at photos of the competition and the days on market before they got it rented. We take all this into consideration when making a price recommendation.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Once we find out that your tenant is going to vacate the home, we will conduct a pre-listing walk-through so we can see the condition and also see how the tenant is maintaining the home so that we can be sure that it will show well to prospective tenants. People live differently than each other and some, we’ll just say, don’t help the home show it’s best! We work with the tenant and offer suggestions on ways they can help us with the showing process. We ask them to tidy up, keep things as decluttered as possible and just give them general tips on the showing process and encourage them to be as accommodating as possible to Realtors when they want to show the home. We let them know that the more they help us, the less time they have to deal with visitors coming in and out of the property.

Sometimes the property just doesn’t show well for a variety of reasons - maybe the tenant has been there for years and there is updating that really needs to be done before listing it. In a case like that, we would recommend to you to simply wait until the tenant is out and we can do the necessary updates and then get it on the market right away. Yes, that would mean there may not be rent coming in for a short while but it will also mean that it’s likely the property will get listed faster and at a higher rent price than if we listed it in poor condition. The better we show the property the better-quality tenant you will get as well.

Your Leasing Specialist will look at the condition of the walls, carpet and other flooring, fixtures, appliances, the exterior and the landscaping and give you suggestions on what we need to do to make the property show it’s best when we turn it over before listing. They will also work with our property managers to get estimates for any updates that they suggest.

We want to work with you as your partner and we will only make recommendations we feel will improve and maintain your property to attract great tenants. We are always working in your best interest!

Professional Photos and Video Tours

Having your property show great online is so important. Online searching is the first place people go when they begin their home search. If it doesn’t look good online then they’re never going to want to come view it in person.

For all of our new properties, we take professional photos once the home is in the right condition. If there is currently a tenant in place we will wait until they’re out of the property and the necessary repairs/painting, etc. are completed before taking professional photos. In our experience properties that have professional photos get rented much faster and then ones that have just basic photos. All our properties feature 20-40 high-quality photos highlighting the best features of the home inside and outside.

In addition to photos we do video tours of the home so prospective tenants can get a better feel for the layout as we walk through the property In addition, we will video the street, community and any other amenities that will help market the home.

Extensive Online Exposure

We talked about making the home present well with great photos and video but now we need to push it out there everywhere we can. In our market, we put all of our rentals into the multiple listing service so that every Realtor has access to show the property and get it rented. We offer that Realtor a portion of the commission that we receive. Our MLS syndicates the listing out to about 80 other websites including large ones that you may be familiar with like Realtor.com and Trulia.com. This is where many other companies stop their marketing.

We also market your property through our property management software called Propertyware. Similarly, it syndicates the listing out to different websites -some of them overlap but many are different, so it expands the reach. We also send the listing out to our network of agents and our long list of prospective tenants.

Exposure is key and we do everything we can to put your listing everywhere!

Social Media Savvy

We love social media and it’s a great way to market your property! We feature every listing on our Instagram page @rentingreston which is a fantastic platform to attract tenants. Every listing also goes on our Facebook page (Richey Property Management) and the property video goes on our YouTube channel. And of course it is also featured on our website!

Weekly Owner Updates

We keep you updated throughout this entire leasing process on a weekly basis so you know how things are going. We don’t like to wait long to make changes – if the property isn’t getting showings, we need to change something. The main factors affecting your ability to get the home rented are price, condition and location. We work to highlight these and show your home’s value.

Your dedicated Leasing Specialist will get feedback from Realtors who have shown it or directly from the tenants we have shown it to ourselves and we’ll pass that feedback on to you with our recommendation of what changes we need to make. Making price adjustments or updates quickly saves time and will get your property rented faster. We work with you providing regular communication so we’re all on the same page.

Analysis Papers

Find Out How Much Your Home Will Rent For With Our




When you work with us, your Property Manager will be your “go to” person during the management process. They will not only be the dedicated point of contact for you but also for your tenant and all vendors. Their focus is communication between all parties to answer questions, resolve issues just facilitate a great situation for everyone. Our entire property management team will handle other necessary functions to support the property manager, you and your property. So we want to make it easy for you – when you have questions, you reach out to your Property Manager who is the person who has the most knowledge about your property and they will get the answers. LEARN MORE >

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Marketing The Property

As a rental business owner, your property is your product and it’s our job to get your product to rent quickly and for the best price possible. Our 7 step marketing plan ensures that we will get your home rented quickly and minimize any vacancy – saving you money! We work hand in hand with you to give recommendations on updates and improvements you can make to the property to attract the best quality tenants in the shortest amount of time. LEARN MORE >

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Finding Good Tenants

Take time to get the right tenant! Yes, we all want to get the property rented fast but we need to do it right! This step is so important. Getting the right tenant into your property sets the tone for the entire tenancy and can help create a good experience versus one that is stressful and frustrating. We always say it’s better to get the RIGHT tenant than just a FAST tenant. LEARN MORE >

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Rent Collection & Owner Disbursement

Collecting rent sounds simple right? It is when tenants pay on time but when they don’t we know the necessary steps to make sure they pay or get the proper notices they need at the right time. If tenants have gone beyond the grace period of the lease we provide them with a pay or quit notice. In addition we have to assess and collect the appropriate late fees. Worst case if they still don’t pay then we need to start talking about eviction. LEARN MORE >

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24/7 Maintenance

Our property managers handle all maintenance and emergencies during business hours. After hours We have a contract with a trained call center to handle emergencies after hours and on weekends. So there will never be a time that the tenant cannot reach someone if there is an emergency. LEARN MORE >

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Managing Tenant Relations

The tenant is your customer and it’s our job to maintain a great relationship with them, keep them happy and still enforce the lease terms to ensure everyone is doing their part. From the time the tenant moves in until they move out, we deliver a high level of customer service so they feel taken care of. LEARN MORE >

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We do several inspections over the course of the lease term. Inspections are critical to keep on top of potential problems and ensure that your tenant is complying with all of the lease terms. Before a new tenant moves in whether that is just when you are leaving or between 10 and turnovers we do a detailed move in inspection to document the condition of the property at that time – the lease start date. LEARN MORE >

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Property Turnover Management

When a property gets turned over in between tenants it’s a process that must be handled with good planning and quick action. Often times there is work to be done in between and we don’t want to have too much vacancy time so we need to plan and coordinate and schedule any and all work to be done in advance. LEARN MORE >

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24/7 Portal Access

Our property management system, Propertyware, allows you to access your owner portal anytime you know our owners are all over the world in different time zones and countries but everything you need to know what’s going on with your property will be housed in your owner portal. LEARN MORE >

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Complete Financial Management

Part of a job as your rental property business manager is to make sure that we accurately document all things financial related to your property. Every month you will receive a monthly statement along with your rent proceeds for that month. LEARN MORE >

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Reducing Your Risk

Reducing risk is another thing that a good business manager will do for their clients. We see all kinds that sometimes you may not even be aware of because you don’t do this every day. We stay current on tenant landlord law changes and contract changes so that we can be sure that we do things right to protect you. LEARN MORE >

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