Landlord Rescue


A unique program developed to help landlords out of a difficult situation with their property and tenant and get things back on track!

What do you do if your tenant hasn't paid the rent in months, your property has been trashed, and you haven't had to deal with evicting a tenant before? Don’t know what to do to evict your tenant? Evictions can be very expensive, and you'll still be stuck with a lot of work when you finally get the tenant out!

We’ve helped many landlords out of difficult situations and gotten them back on track. We know the process and procedures to get this done quickly for you. Once we get a non paying tenant out, we can help you find a new one and can even handle the management for you if you don’t want to do it yourself anymore.

Here's How

  • Work with the tenant to collect rent and get caught up
  • Help with the eviction if the tenant does not pay
  • After eviction, we’ll help collect any unpaid rent and report them to credit bureaus
  • Coordinate any necessary clean up and repairs after eviction
  • Market the property and get a new QUALIFIED tenant (additional leasing fees apply)

COST: $1500 plus the actual eviction expenses.

* *Please Note: $750 will be refunded to management clients at the end of 2 years engagement with our company.

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