Make MORE with your properties while doing LESS.

Use our team of experts to handle the day-to-day management of your properties AND the growth of your portfolio.

We are pleased to work with many people who have an investor mindset when it comes to rental properties.

Some are just starting out when they come to us, looking at getting their first rental property, and want help managing it so they can just focus on their investment. 

Others come to us as self-managing landlords who’ve decided they don’t really want to do the day-to-day managing job and would rather focus on growing a portfolio of investment properties.

And some come to us already with a portfolio, looking for guidance to strengthen their portfolio and grow their investments in the long term.

The biggest challenge which we see commonly facing those who have an investor mindset with rental properties … is falling into the trap of the management of those properties becoming their full-time job.

What many new investors (and some with multiple properties) often take time to realize is that their actual job is NOT property management …

Their actual job is (or perhaps should be) managing a business that is focused on growing a portfolio of investment rental properties.

As a business, you can’t get yourself stuck working IN the business when you should be working ON the business.

The property management part of this is simply a necessity for running the properties as rentals. And as a business necessity, the right thing to do is to hire a team to manage those properties.

Now, we approach this from multiple directions.

Naturally at Richey Property Management, we manage many rental properties of all kinds throughout the Northern Virginia area.

But we know that not all investors are looking to hire a property management company. Some are looking to build out a business with their own people and their own property management infrastructure.

And that’s great!

What you may not realize is that Sue Richey, one of our founders and our Principal Broker, is herself a property investor, and LOVES talking about investment and helping investors just like yourself develop their investing strategy and grow their portfolio.

When it comes down to it, whether your needs and desires align with finding someone to handle the property management, or you are simply looking for guidance and support in the development of your business …

At Richey Property Management our focus is on YOU, and helping you get closer to what you desire.

In that light, we’d like to invite you to schedule a Complimentary Investment Strategy Analysis with Sue Richey.

Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve already got a portfolio of investment properties, you can sit down with Sue for an hour and get her expert advice and guidance for YOUR rental property investment strategy.

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