Move In Inspection: $275

Doing a thorough move-in inspection before your new tenant puts anything into the property is extremely important. Security deposit disputes are a big source of conflict at the end of a lease period but if you document the condition of the property well, you can minimize questions and conflicts later.

We can do a Move-In Inspection for you just like we would do for our clients. Our software documents the condition room by room and is backed up with extensive photos of walls, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc. You will receive this report and have this as your baseline to compare your Move-Out Inspection to in order to determine if there are any damages to the property and how you will handle the security deposit.

Move Out Inspection: $275

Like a move-in inspection, the move-out inspection is critical. You will need this in order to compare the condition to your move-in inspection. The tenant has the right to be present if they desire and you can just let them know when it will be done and they can attend if they like.

Our Move-Out Inspections document the same things as the Move-In Inspection along with extensive photos. You will receive a similar report that you should keep on file. You should also verify at this time if the tenant has performed the necessary cleanings as required by your lease. These generally are professional carpet cleaning, professional house cleaning, professional chimney cleaning, professional gutter cleaning.

Interim Inspection: $175

No news doesn’t always mean good news. Just because your tenant is quiet and pays the rent doesn’t mean they are taking care of the property or doing everything right. It’s important that you check in on your property at least once during the yearly lease term. That means at least every 6 months, do an interim walkthrough with the tenant present or without.

We can do this for you and let you know if we see any signs of damage or signs of additional tenants living there who aren’t on the lease. Maybe there are signs of a pet who shouldn’t be present. This is a good time to take care of small problems the tenant may or may not have reported before they become bigger problems. It also gives you an idea of how well the tenant is taking care of the property. Don’t ignore this step!

Application Processing and Lease Preparation: $495

Processing tenant applications thoroughly and quickly is an important part of the process. We do a complete background check including credit check, employment verification, criminal check, eviction check and past landlord references. We gather all this information and put it through our proprietary scoring system in order to provide you with a recommendation to either accept or deny an applicant. Our system has been very successful in getting good qualified tenants into our properties.

After the tenant has been approved, we will prepare a standard lease for you and once it’s fully signed, we can then turn everything over to you.

Professional Quality Photos / Video: $250

Making sure your property shows its best online is critical in order to get a good tenant fast! Everyone starts online and the better the photos, the more likely someone will come see it.

Our team will coordinate a professional photographer to take pictures inside and out of the home and they are yours to keep to use over an over. If you do updates or significant improvements, you may want to take new ones at that time but this one time expense is well worth it and we can help coordinate things for you.

Landlord Rescue Program: $500 plus the cost of the actual eviction

We’ve helped many landlords out of difficult situations and gotten them back on track. We know the process and procedures to get this done quickly for you. Once we get a non paying tenant out, we can help you find a new one and can even handle the management for you if you don’t want to do it yourself anymore. If you want to continue managing yourself, that’s fine too but we’re here to help get you out of a tough situation.