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How to Determine if Your Tenant is a Hoarder or Just Messy in Reston?

System - Monday, January 29, 2018

If you have been a landlord for a while, you have probably seen all the different ways people live. Some tenants are neat, some are messy, and some are kind of dirty. You’ve probably seen it all.

Tenant Cleaning Responsibilities

We’ve seen it all, too. As a Reston property management company, we deal with over 300 properties, and tenants have different standards of cleanliness. There is a big difference between being messy and being a hoarder. We had a situation in the past where a tenant had a lot of stuff. There are laws against hoarding, and the property owner was concerned that the tenant might be a hoarder, and wanted them out. The property owner was afraid all the tenant’s stuff would damage the property.

Habitability and Safety Standards

But, the situation was not that bad. The tenant was clean. The home had no bugs, and there was no dirt. Yes, the tenants had piles of things, and it looked messy. But, it was not unsafe, and it was not dirty. So, there was nothing we could do. The owner didn’t like that, but as long as the property is safe and the tenant is keeping a halfway decent home, not much can be done. You want to make sure there’s a path in and out of the home in case of a fire or other emergency.

Conduct Regular Property Inspections

People live differently. If you do an inspection midway through the lease, don’t be upset or surprised if the tenant isn’t living in the home the way you would. Detach, and don’t be emotional. This is an investment, not the home you’re living in. Stay on top of what’s going on. Do regular inspections and make sure the home is clean and safe. Then, let people live the way they want. If you have any questions about how to manage the condition of your home, please contact us at Richey Property Management.

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